14 Oct 2015

Brow taming must-haves - Silk Fibre Brow, Delilah Brow Line and Benefit Brows a-go-go

It's easy to become a little bit obsessed with your brows, isn't?  It's true that they really do frame your face, and can completely change or finish your look, depending on what you do with them, but they're also pretty tricky customers to deal with.  These days I'm a fan of having a professional work their magic on my brow shape with waxing or threading and during the summer I paid my first visit to Benefit's brow wizards at the Carnaby Street boutique brow bar.  I enjoyed a brow mapping session followed my tinting and waxing.  Amy did my brows - she's really lovely by the way, and has amazing quirky nail art - and made an excellent job of giving me a really good shape without taking too much off.  The brow mapping really helped me to understand how to figure out where my brows should start and finish to get their overall shape, and although she firmly told me I mustn't pluck between visits, I just can't help myself - my brows grow really quickly, honest!

I love having my brows tinted, which makes the whole job of filling them on a daily basis a whole lot easier, but I still need to do some work to fill sparse areas and to define the shape.  Also brow tinting seems to wear off quite quickly on me too, and I like my brows to be quite dark, so I have a kit of at-home favourites on hand to keep my brows looking freshly done every morning.

This little pot of supercharged powder does an excellent job at clinging to hairs and giving real depth to my brows to make them look super full.  More than just your standard coloured brow powder, this product contains little fibres within the powder which work with your natural brow hairs to give a fuller and thicker look instantly.  I really like this and have been really impressed with how it plumps up my brows and disguises the areas where I'm still trying to grow my brows in.  It stays put really well too - the only slight downside is that it can be a little messy to apply and I have to be careful to tap excess product from the applicator to avoid fall-out onto the rest of my face.  It comes in four different shades, so one to suit most people, and I have the shade 'dark' which is the second darkest colour.

To give outline definition to my brows, and to draw in shape where my brows are missing, I've been loving the Brow Line pen from Delilah.  I have the shade sable, which is a softer and paler brown that I usually go for in my brow products, so this gives me quite a natural look, but it also makes things fairly mistake-proof!  

With a twist up crayon at one end and a brush at the other, it's similar to the Anastasia Brow Wiz which I also really like, but I had trouble finding the right shade for me with those.  Not because there aren't many shades to choose from - there's loads - but I think I always bought one that was too dark for me.  In some ways sable in the Delilah version is a bit light for me, but I think that's why I like it if that makes any sense.  I'm onto my second one of these already, so they don't last that long if you're going to be using it daily, and at £20 it's more expensive that the Anastasia version, but I liked it enough to re-purchase, and probably will again.  It's just a really easy, quick everyday way to fill my brows and I'll either use this alone for a more subtle and natural brow, or use it with the other products on top when I want to turn up the volume.

This little kit from Benefit, as always with Benefit's little kits, is perfect for travelling, and contains a dinky size of everything you might need to keep your brows in check, including a tempting pair of tweezers that I'm not supposed to play with...  

You get two shades of Benefit's brow zing powder with this kit (light and dark) as well as brow zings wax.  If I'm going for a really dark, defined and super arched brow I'll use the brow zings wax first and then the darker powder to create and fill the shape.  To really make the brow pop and to show off my hard work creating all the extra shape, I like to use the highlighter in this kit and the angled brush to trace the outline of the bottom half of my brow and I'm done.  You also get a mini Eye Bright with this kit, which is perfect for the inner corner of your eyes, and a mini smokin' eye liner pencil.

I also have a secret weapon waterproof brow product which I used recently on holiday and at the water parks, so I'll tell you all about that in another post coming up soon as it's a bit of a game changer!

What are your favourite brow products?



  1. My favorite brow product is definitely Anastasia Beverly Hills' Dip Brow Pomade. However, the product is quite time-consuming, so I usually use Benefit's Gimme Brows. :o)

    1. I used to use that, but I found it really hard to get a natural result with it, and it could look a bit much on me for every day! Probably had the wrong shade as usual lol! x


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