19 Nov 2015

The limited edition Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani palette collaboration

So many makeup palettes get released in the lead up to Christmas, that it can all get a little bit much for an eyeshadow hoarder like me.  My Christmas list reads like a Sephora stock check, and I have to remind myself that I have just the one face, and should whittle down to just the palettes I really *need*.  If you're the same, one palette I'd recommend reserving a special place for under the tree this year is the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani collaboration.  It's such a lovely mix of shades and textures in gorgeous packaging, but be warned, it's limited edition, and going on sale this weekend!

I love gold and white stripey things - chevron prints in particular, but this more abstract print floats my boat too.  I'd actually have liked the palette casing to have carried this print, but ho hum, maybe I'll just hoard the cardboard box forever for no good reason.  

That's not to say the actual packaging Gwen went with isn't lovely, I just like the stripes.  The gold edging gives the palette a really luxe feel, it's sleek and properly sturdy, with a really great mirror the size of the lid inside.  Also if you've not seen this in real life, it's a larger palette than you might assume, and you get a very decent amount of product - each shadows is about the size of a 10p. 

Inside the palette you're greeted with a knock-out line up of amazing shades all with Gwen-related names.  You know I like to stick to the more neutral side of life when it comes to eye colours, but this is essentially a neutral palette with its party frock on, and that makes me very excited.  

Scanning through the colours - twelve of which are brand new - I really believe that Gwen had a whole lot of input into the shades that made it to the palette.  They're the kinds of colours that I think are guaranteed to suit a paler complexion and blonde hair, and you can really imagine her wearing them.  That said, not being a Gwen look-a-like myself, nearly all of the colours in the palette are ones I would use too.  

There's a mix of both matte and shimmer across the fifteen shades in the palette, and one shade - Pop - which I'd describe as more of a glitter.  It's quite loose and is going to give you some fall-out issues, but it'll be worth it for the sparkles.

Moving on to swatches of the first row, and things start off quite pale, with some shades that I'd probably reserve for my brow-bone, and for softening out the edges of a darker colour, or maybe as an inner corner highlight in the case of Bathwater.  Steady is my first favourite of the palette - I'd describe it as a pale peach-gold shimmer, and it's the sort of shade I'd wear on my lid, surrounded by a matte taupe.  And lastly in this row, Punk is a reddy-brown matte with really good pigmentation.

Second row and we start with my second favourite - Baby - which is similar to Steady, but a more pink version.  I wore this one today, and it's a lovely glowy colour, which I think it perfect for a bit of daytime glam.  The rest of this row contains some essential mattes in the most useful shades in my opinion - ranging from nude, to brown to grey, these are my perfect everyday shades, and are excellent for wearing in the crease with something a little more poppin' on the lid.  (Yeah, I said poppin' - blame Gwen).

Last row and we're potentially in the danger zone - no more pale-matte-nudeness, we've got glitz, punchy colours and black.  I think it's what gives this palette an edge and makes it a versatile everyday palette that also likes to party.  Shades that looked scary in the pan (Harajuku, Danger and 1987) actually look so much more wearable when you swatch them and see the depth and dimension of the colours.  1987 in particular looks like a very yellow gold in the palette - and yellow's a colour I definitely can't pull off - but on the skin it's a very lovely cool gold that's super buttery and blendable.  Even Harajuku looks like a more innocent candy pink on my skin, but you can still build it up to that greater intensity if you want to.  And I can't believe I'm saying this, but Danger swatches so beautifully that I'm itching for an occasion to wear a really vamped up eye so that I can try it out.  So probably at the weekend when I'm eating pizza and watching Netflix then.  *awkwardemojiface*

I'd thoroughly recommend this palette - as with every Urban Decay palette I own, the quality of the shadows is top drawer, and they're so easy to work with, even if like me, you're no Pixiwoo when it comes to applying eyeshadow.  Okay now hold tight for some seriously cringe Gwen Stefani lyric puns - it would have been rude not to.  

Listen up, because I ain't no hollaback girl - this limited edition Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette goes on sale on 22 November at www.urbandecay.co.uk.  This shit is bananas, and costs £40, so you don't need to be a rich girl (nanananananananananananananana) to get your hands on it.  So what you waiting, what you waiting, what you waiting, what you waiting, what you waiting for-ooor?!  =)



  1. This palette is phenomenal! I love it. The colours are to die for the and the pigment looks amazing.

    Great post!

    Love Charlotte Elizabeth xo

    1. It's gorge isn't it? I've always been a big Urban Decay fan, and I love this collab! x

  2. Love the puns! This palette is seriously stunning! WANT! xx


  3. This shit really is bananas and I've spotted it on feel unique which I have £5 voucher for but it's already sold out boo. Love the mix of neutral shades with a few bold ones thrown in there too, plus the packaging is lush x

    Beauty with charm

    1. It seriously is! Hope you managed to grab one xx

  4. This is such a cute post; I loved all the puns! Lol.
    I'm going to check this out when my Sephora hopefully gets it in.


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