24 Nov 2015

Wunderbrow and Wunderextensions review - gimmicky names, great products!

There are two things guaranteed to make my face look slightly more lively and presentable to the world, the first is mascara, and the second is filled brows.  I feel naked without either of them, and every year when I go on holiday I stress over waterproof products to use for the beach or pool.  Shallow?  Maybe.  Vain?  Yes.  But that's what makes me feel that bit more comfortable.  

This year I had a new brow product to try which promises brows that stay put and will last and last, and I'm pleased to say it really works.  It's called Wunderbrow, which seems like a bit of a gimmicky name, but this little tube gave me almost totally budge-proof brows that stood up to the various tests of hot and sweaty days, swimming, rain, water rides that splash you in the face... the lot!  

Wunderbrow is like a tinted brow gel in lipgloss style packaging - you apply it directly to your brows with the wand, and you can use it to fill gaps in your brows and define them.  I found it really easy to use, and would fill my gaps and get the general shape, and then add a little more throughout my brows to give an even finish and to darken and define the whole brow.  The product goes on fairly liquid, and dries really quickly, so there's no running or smudging.  Once it's dry, it really doesn't go anywhere, even when you get your face wet. It does make your brows feel a little crunchy to the touch, but that didn't bother me at all.  Although this is long lasting, it's not hard to remove with a normal cleanser (an oil based cleanser is recommended, but I used a micellar water and had no trouble) and a little gentle rubbing with a flannel or cotton pad or whatever you prefer to use.  The secret to really getting the best from this product is to remember not to scratch or rub at your brows when you have it on, and they'll stay looking perfect.  

Wunderbrow comes in four shades and I have brunette, which is the second darkest.   I've found it just a little bit too light for me, but it looks fine once fully applied.  The darker shade is a brown / black, which I thought would be too dark, so this is probably my closest shade.  

I've also tried out Wunderextensions form the same brand, which is a lash extending and volumizing mascara.  In the past I've tried a few lash extension mascaras that contain the furry little fibres which cling to your lashes and build them up to add length, and I really don't get along with them.  I have very sensitive eyes, and any little bit of fluff or fibre has my eyes totally irritated, itching and watering, so a mascara with teeny little fibres is totally not for me.  I decided to give Wunderextensions a try because it works in a completely different way, with no irritating furry fibres!

Wunderextensions has two formulas combined into one tube.  The first handles the volumizing, and contains something the brand calls 'micro-hydra-tubes'.  These are there to coat each lash to hydrate, nourish and thicken.  The second part of the formula does the extending, and although the mascara does contain teeny extensions which cling to your lashes, it goes on just like a normal mascara, or like a really great lengthening mascara.  The formula also includes an ingredient which helps to accelerate lash growth by up to 25% over two weeks.  Personally I can't say I've noticed my natural  lashes getting longer - I do have very short lashes to begin with - but when I'm wearing the Wunderextensions mascara, it really gives them the super boost of oomph they need.  

Now this mascara isn't waterproof, so I didn't use it on holiday alongside Wunderbrow - I actually wore semi-permanent lashes, but I started using it once the lashes came off and I was devastated to be reminded of just how short my natural lashes are!  I'm really pleased I gave this a go, and it's good to find that not all lash extension mascaras have to contain those irritating little fibres.

Both Wunderbrow and Wunderextensions can be found on the brand's own website, which is wunder2.co.uk, either singularly or in cobination sets.  Plus Wunderbrow is also available at Boots.  



  1. I'll believe that the Wunderbrow is easy to use because you say so, but it looks so challenging! :-O I think I'm intimidated by how wet it looks, and the brush applicator. I'm intrigued, though. Lol.

    1. Thanks for havng faith in me! :) It's good for filling in your brows and going over them to give them shape and definition for when you might otherwise not be able to wear normal makeup that would slide off. Maybe I should have clarified that I wasn't suggesting it would be you every day go to brow product if you really want to draw in / over draw the shape of your brows - I'd stick to normal pencil and powder products for that xx

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