21 Jan 2016

Eloquence skincare review

Well hello there mid-January - my Christmas break seems to have over-run slightly...  After a lovely Christmas and New Year I've embarked on a few big lifestyle changes (more about that in an update post soon) which have taken up a lot of my time, coupled with the fact that my ring light bulb has blown *sob* and is proving very difficult to replace!  But, silver linings and all that, it's meant that I've had a long, uninterrupted trial period for some fresh new skincare from a brand called Eloquence.
I'd not heard of Eloquence beauty before, or spotted them with their sleek, lime green packaging.  They're a premium natural skincare brand and their main focus is on giving people the best possible skin using high quality natural ingredients.  The products are designed with anti-ageing benefits in mind, as well as general skin health and hydration. One of the main ingredients used throughout their product range is Sachi Inchi oil, which comes from a superfood seed found in the forests of Peru.  It's high in vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids, which are all extremely beneficial to the skin.  The products don't contain any artificial colours, perfumes or chemicals, and are suitable for all skin types.  

Okay, all sounds great right?  But what did I think of them?  I've been trying out the full range since before Christmas, and I think it says a lot that I'm still using these products every night as a full nighttime skincare routine.  My favourite product is the Nourishing Treatment Oil - it smells gorgeous because it contains coconut and sweet almond oil, and it feels like a wonderfully pampering and relaxing treat to apply all over the face and gently massage in.  I have dehydrated skin with dry and oily patches, so it's difficult for me to give my skin the hydration it needs without causing it to be overly shiny and oily and to ruin my makeup during the day - because of that I love to indulge in oils and other rich products at night as that's the best time for my skin to absorb the benefits and hydration.The instructions say you can use this oil on your hair, which I've not tried yet, but it does work a treat on dry hands and nails as I've accidentally discovered after applying it on my face each night and leaving the residue on my hands!

All of the products aside from the oil have a number on the front, which guides you as to exactly how they're intended to be used.  I really like this little touch, as even though I try a lot of skincare, I still get confused about whether serum should go before or after eye cream and so on.  The oil doesn't have a number on it and I think that's because it's entirely optional as to how you add it to your routine, and very customisable - personally I've been putting this on cleansed skin ahead of the serum. 

Step one is the Purifying Cleanser which is a light, foaming cleanser.  Personally I prefer rich and creamy cleansers that remove all of your makeup in one go, so this type of cleanser doesn't really suit me, as it's more suitable as a refreshing second cleanse after using another product to remove liner and mascara. 

Step two is the Firm and Tone Serum.  This comes in a convenient pump dispenser, so it's really quick, convenient and hygienic.  I only use two tiny pumps for my whole face, and it glides over the skin easily and sinks straight in.  The serum contains hyaluronic acid to give the skin a collagen boost and to generally plump things up.  I've only used this at night, but I think this would also be brilliant in the morning to wake up the skin.

Step three is the Firming and Moisturising Eye Gel.  Eye gel or cream is the step I tend to forget, and that's really to my detriment as I think lines around the eyes look the most ageing, well on me they do anyway, so this is where the numbering has really helped me as I can't get to the moisturiser at step four without applying the eye gel!  This stuff is lasting ages!  It's more difficult to tell with the pump bottles, although nothing has run out yet, but the eye gel has tonnes left as it's a really liquid gel and you need just a tiny amount to pat around both eyes.  This one contains hyaluronic acid too and feels really cooling on contact with the eye area, and attacks puffiness and dark circles.  I've not noticed any reduction in dark circles yet, but it's good for the puffiness - so much so that I have ventured into using this one in my daytime skincare too, and it hydrates my under eye area really well without causing makeup displacement.

Step four is the last step in the regime, and it's the Protect and Repair 24 hour cream.  Again this comes in a pump dispenser which makes it easy to use and helps with getting the right amount of product.  In my opinion it's a great last step to seal in all of the other products and help them to work on my skin over night, and of course it adds an extra layer of hydration to nourish the skin.  This one's suitable for using in the morning or evening, and if you do use it as a daytime moisturiser, it contains UVA and UVB protection.  

Eloquence currently has a special offer going on until the end of January, so you can try out any of these products with 20% off using the code JANUARYEQ.  The full range is available at www.eloquencebeautycare.com


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