26 Apr 2016

Crown Brush 10 colour concealer palette and face brush review

So this is going to be a review of the Crown Brush 10 colour concealer palette (and brushes), but forgive me if at any point I call it a 'contour palette' by mistake, as that's all I see when I look at this array of light to dark creamy shades!  

I can't be alone in seeing this palette as a serious highlight and contour playground, and I'm guessing that's Crown Brush's intention too, because although the texture of these shades make them ideal buildable concealers, nobody's going to need this full range of shades if it's for personal use!  The colour options here for me, with my light to medium skin tone are ideal - the lightest shades are perfect for highlights, the light to medium shades can be mixed and matched to my skin whether I'm at my palest natural or tanned, and the darkest shade is an excellent contour colour on me.  

Originally I'd not expected to make use of the very darkest shades, even for contour, as in the palette they look very dark, but actually, the lighter browns leaned a little orange on me and I've found using the darkest shade sparingly gives me a more natural result.  I've been applying that with the mini duo fibre blender brush, which allows me to pick up a small amount of product which I can then stipple onto the skin for a more natural shadow under my cheekbones.  For highlighting I've been pairing the pointed blender brush with the paler shades in the palette to accentuate where the light would hit down my forehead, nose and chin.  If I'm feeling fancy or have extra time I'll also go in with the darker shade again down either side of my nose to give it a slimmer appearance.  

I'm so impressed with the contour concealer palette at £16.99 that I'm starting to wonder why I spent so much money on my Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes (that I never use)!  

For me the deluxe large oval foundation brush isn't my favourite as I never seem to have the right technique for a flat foundation brush - I find it much easier to use brushes that allow me to buff a foundation into the skin to get an even finish.  That said all three of the brushes are great quality, really soft with no shedding.  I've been using Crown Brush eye brushes for years since I first picked some up at IMATS and they're still staples in my collection and going strong, so that just goes to show that these brushes wash and last really well.  

The concealer palette and all three of the face brushes are available now from www.crownbrush.co.uk


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