15 Apr 2016

Three perfect primers

Okay well maybe not 100% perfect, I just liked the alliteration, but these are certainly three really good primers that I’ve been switching between lately depending on what tricks my skin feels like getting up to.  I never go without a primer under my foundation, as not only do most primers make your makeup last longer, they can prep the skin, hide redness, add radiance, balance oil and hydration,  blur lines and do all sorts of other good things in an attempt to make my finished face look more flawless.

You’ve got to hand it to Too Faced with their cheeky name for this perk-me-up primer – I’m rarely hungover these days,  mostly due to my diet demanding next to no alcohol consumption, but somehow my skin looks like it’s pulled an all-nighter all too often.  This primer smooths on so easily, just like a moisturiser, which makes it a quick and easy step to add to your routine.  It contains coconut water and works well to add moisture to my combination skin whilst also giving a more radiant finish to my face.  Because of the easy to work with, fluid and creamy consistency of this primer, it sinks into the skin fast, and all of the foundations I’ve tried with it have glided on no problem. 

Despite this primer not delivering results as good as the ads, it does minimise my pores well and generally gives my skin silky finish and a smooth-er appearance – just not totally airbrushed smooth like the lucky lady in the ad...  It’s one of those silicone feel primers, so a little more technique and effort needs to go into the application to ensure it blends well with the skin, and I find it’s best to apply my foundation gently on top with a sponge to avoid any of the primer balling up on the skin.  Of the three primers here, this is the one that I notice also works the best to keep my makeup on my face all day, which is essentially is the main reason I use a primer, although the other benefits are a clear plus too.

The hydrablur primer from Dermalogica is what I’d label as a real skincare and makeup hybrid.  It delivers on the hydration front, sorting out my dry patches without upsetting the oilier areas of my face.  At the same time it also adds a little coverage, turning from a white-ish grey on application to matching my skintone once it’s blended in.  That little bit of coverage does wonders to tone down the redness in my skin, particularly on my cheeks, and makes the whole foundation and concealer process easier and speedier.  The consistency of this one is somewhere in between the other two – it’s thicker than the Hangover Primer, meaning it takes a little more effort to work it into the skin, but it absorbs more easily than the Smoothing Primer, meaning I can buff my foundation into my skin with a brush without agitating my base. It leaves a matte finish which I like, and think is quite unique for a hydrating primer, and it gives my skin a slightly more soft focus effect.  

I was re-organising some of my makeup collection the other week, and managed to fill a whole drawer of my Ikea Alex with just primers, but it’s safe to say that these three have earned their place among my favourites.


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