27 Jul 2016

Gorgeous blooms from Blossoming Gifts and 33% off code!

Oh I just hate it when people send me flowers as a surprise.... said no one ever.  Unless you have some kind of allergy or serious hayfever, flowers are a universally wonderful gift aren't they?  They're always guaranteed to put a smile on my face, that's for sure - not least of all because I had these lovely ones delivered to my work and didn't bother to correct anyone who suggested they were from a secret admirer!  

So it turns out the flowers weren't actually from a secret admirer, they were from Blossoming Gifts, a new-ish online florist delivering gorgeous bouquets in the UK, seven days a week.  They invited me to choose a bouquet from their wide range of beautiful blooms, and although I usually gravitate to peonies if they're in season, or if not lilies, this really pretty rose bouquet with anastasia alstromeria and gypsophila really caught my eye.  The floral arrangement is really lovely and I think I was also swayed by the great jug vase that comes with the bouquet.  It has that fab vintage farmhouse type feel and I've been meaning to search out a vase like this for ages, so I'm so happy to have this to display these flowers and any others I might pick up.

The flowers arrived by courier and really well packaged - when I took the flowers out of the box they were still all in perfect condition and still had plenty of water.  They're packaged with a really absorbent material of some kind around the stems of the flowers which is drenched in water and keeps the flowers super hydrated on their journey.  I just gave the stems a little trim and put them straight into water in their jug, keeping the original arrangement they arrived in and I think they look amazing and go so well with this style of vase.

If you fancy giving Blossoming Gifts a try and ordering some beautiful flowers for yourself or someone else, you can get 33% off with the code BGIFTS33 (this discount is good for any bouquet other than the 'flowers by post' range).  The Cinder Rose bouquet with vase is priced at £32.99 but with the discount they'd be just £22.10.  I'd really recommend the Cinder Rose bouquet, not only because of the lovely vase but because the arrangement and mix of flowers is so simple but effective and they flowers lasted nearly ten days!  


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