6 Jul 2016

My summer holiday beauty favourites

Well this makes a change for me, doing a holiday favourites.  I usually go on my main holiday in September, and by the time I get back it's all Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, and by that time it doesn't seem worth talking about summer holiday products!  This year I've just recently been to Dubai staying in a beach resort, so I thought I'd maximise on the chance to chat about summer products, especially as there's not so much need for them with our crabby old UK weather :(

Hydration is the name of the skincare game when going on a beach holiday as no matter what precautions I take, my face gets so ridiculously dry and tight.  I'd not tried this hyaluronic shot before going on holiday, and didn't whip it out until after a day on the beach when my skin was feeling particularly thirsty due to accidental sun burn, and this little bottle really stepped up the the plate.  The product has quite a thick gel-like consistency when it comes out of the dropper, and the idea is to add just a little to your usual moisturiser to give it a super boost.  I found this worked so well for my parched skin and really soothed as well as hydrated - I think it actually prevented my skin peeling too, as I accidentally burned my forehead a little on one of the first days, despite thinking I'd used plenty of SPF!  

Just a quick mention as I bang on about this repeatedly, but this is my favourite moisturiser year round, and it was brilliant on holiday - really gentle on my dried out skin.  I also used it at night and really slathered it on with a blob of the hyaluronic shot I just mentioned to give me skin a bit of a treat while I slept to hopefully make up for some of my accidental sun damage.  

How pretty are these?!  Our UK brands really don't cut it when it comes to body sprays (sorry Impulse, I'm not a fan!) - there's nothing quite like these that I've seen around before, but in the states when I go on holiday there are always so many amazing body sprays that look as good as they smell - in particular the ones from Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret and Body Fantasies.  The good news is that Body Fantasies are now being sold in Superdrug, and I had the choice of these four beauties for my holiday - Twilight Mist, Pink Grapefruit Fantasy, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy.  They all smell lovely, but my particular favourites are Pink Grapefruit and Japanese Cherry Blossom, so they both had to come away on holiday with me - I couldn't narrow it down to one!  I love a good body spray just to add a little extra feeling of freshness when you're getting ready, and also to spritz during the day to freshen up - these bottles aren't too huge, so you could easily justify having one in your handbag, and as they're under 100ml and aren't an aerosol, you can also taken them on a plane - bonus!

Am I the only person that likes to have holiday specific shower gels?  I love the ritual of getting all of my 'holiday smellies' together, and for a beachy holiday I always like to have a super fruity and exotic shower gel to add to the whole holiday vibe.  This time around I had the Dirty Works Fiji feeling coconut body wash from Sainsbury's, which smells of coconuts obviously, and was really nice and nourishing on my skin, especially after long days in the sun.  Now this body wash scent will always remind me of Dubai :) 

This was such a saviour both during and pre-holiday for keeping my feet flip flop ready.  I get the most ridiculously dry and flakey feet on holiday - sand is meant to be nature's exfoliator, so you'd think it would keep your feet smooth but no, they get dry and unsightly ten times faster some how!  I swear by the original Scholl foot file for keeping my feet smooth and soft, so this new rechargeable version is a brilliant upgrade for me as I used to run the batteries out rather quickly on the other one!  Also because this one's cordless once you've charged it you can also use it on wet skin and in the bath or shower. 

Now a full coverage foundation this might seem like an odd product to include in my holiday favourites, but I'm not really at one with the natural look and feel more comfortable with a proper coverage on my face.  Not during the day on holiday of course - I wasn't wearing this by the pool and out in the sun - but in the evening I prefer having a full makeup look.  I picked this up not long before going on holiday and really liked it from the first application.  I've been using it with a sponge and have found this really easy to work with even though I have combination skin - on holiday my skin became a lot drier and this still worked really well for me, so possibly one which could work for all skin types.  I chose the shade 4 which is a really good match for my light to medium skin, and on me I get quite a high coverage finish which still looks fairly natural and not overly heavy.  The staying power is really good too, although I do find the foundation transfers easily when I'm wearing it, so that's a slight bummer, but I would definitely repurchase this one.

Now I've used these two with the foundation I've just mentioned and with others, and have been really rather impressed.  Mainly I used this with my night-time makeup on holiday, but I did sneak a little bit of the powder on over my BB cream during the day sometimes, just to look slightly more pulled together for the breakfast buffet!  Now I can't agree that my makeup lasts for 24 hours when I've used this powder and setting spray, but they are pretty heavy duty.  The powder adds extra coverage and gives my skin a matte and more even finish.  It's worked well with all the foundations I've tried it with, but on hot days at work it has been beaten by the dreaded shine, but I still think it's a really great option, especially for the price.  I always find it hard to tell whether setting sprays are working or not, but with this one, again other than on hot and humid sweaty days, this does seem to amp up my makeup's staying power.  It doesn't stop makeup transfer on the CT Magic foundation as I mentioned earlier, but it keeps the majority of my makeup in place until I take it off, so thumbs up.  I've still not found what I'd call my holy grail makeup setting spray, but for now I'm happy enough with this one.

modelsown have recently relaunched their makeup range in a big way with tonnes of new products, and I was lucky enough to receive a selection just before I went on my holiday, so it would have been rude not to have snuck a couple into my suitcase.  The Sweet Dreams eye palette had to come with me, because as much as I'm a neutral lover (and let me tell you modelsown have some b-e-a-utiful neutral eye palettes in their new collection - seriously go and drool over them here now) if you can't wear candy brights on a sunny holiday, when can you?  In the interests of full disclosure I have to confess that I only made it as far as wearing the 'safer' shades in the palette like the bronze toffee and pretty pink ice cream and millions, but hey baby steps people, baby steps.  To counter that however, I really went to town with the Sculpt & Glow matte bronzer (deep tan) and the liquid highlighter in the shade rose gold - again these are such perfect holiday products.  There's absolutely no such thing as too much bronze when you're on holiday and these two look beautiful together layered up together for serious bronze goddess glam.  Damn it I'm missing my tan already!

It's not like I need any more nail polish (although to be fair I did have a mega clear out this year and now have a much more sensible sized polish collection!) but I really fancied a few new cute and summery shades for my holiday, and I picked up these four from Barry M.  The shades from left to right are Road Rage, Eat My Dust, Surfboard and Skinnydip.  I love the first three, but the last shade, Skinnydip was a bit of a disappointment - it's the palest of the nude shades in the coconut range and swatches on line made it look pale and lovely, but on my nails it's a warmer nude shade and I just don't find it very flattering unfortunately.  I think I'll be sticking with my trusty Barry M Lychee!  

A couple of additional mentions also need to go to some more holiday hero products that I used on my trip.  Firstly the P20 once a day sun cream - I had the SPF 50 version, and after getting a burned forehead on the first day using normal sun cream, I started religiously applying this all over my face each morning and it kept my skin protected all day long.  For my body I used aerosol suncreams and they are now my absolute favourite.  They seem to run out faster than normal suncream, which is a bit annoying, but they're so easy to apply and sink into the skin without having to rub in, and they feel lovely and cool on hot skin.  I was using some from a Banana Boat range that I got in the US (where sun cream is so much cheaper!) but all of the usual UK brands in Boots have aerosol versions nowadays and they work just the same. 

Are you jetting off on a summer holiday soon?  Where are you going?  Make me jealous! 


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