19 Sept 2016

Melvita Nectar De Roses collection for dehydrated skin

As a blogger, I'm never short of new skincare to try out, but with my skin playing up for most of the summer, I've really had to hold off on using new products whilst I tried to get my skin back to a 'normal' state.  The list of things I've been itching to try has really been building and so much as I never thought I'd say this, I'm pleased to have my combination, dehydrated skin back - as at least I know where I stand and how to deal with it!  The Melvita Nectar De Roses collection was one of the first sets of products I tried on my skin once I was back to testing products as usual, and I chose these because they're specifically for dehydrated skin.

Melvita have been steadily growing their Nectar De Roses collection this year, and during the summer they added two hydrating face products alongside a milky mist.  The collection hinges on a rose centifolia infusion which ensures water retention within the skin and provides intense hydration. 

The hydrating day cream is intended for normal to dehydrated skin.  It's been enriched with an infusion of rose and floral rose water  as well as a high concentration of sugars in order to replenish the skin with moisture and to keep it soft and supple.  I find it difficult to get the right compromise between enough moisture for my dryness and too much richness for my oilier areas when it comes to day time moisturisers for my skin, but seeing as this day cream is intended for dehydrated skin, it's strikes just the right balance.  It absorbs well into the skin and has settled well underneath my primer and makeup - I'm really impressed with this.  

The fresh eye contour gel is enriched with floral rose water like the day cream, and targets both puffiness and dark circles. It also contains cornflower water to decongest and red seaweed extract to boost bloodflow and circulation. Using this I've found it's gentle around the eyes and hasn't caused me any stinging, and I can really notice the de-puffing effects when I apply it.  I've used this in the daytime, as light eye gels like this work well for me under makeup, whereas I reserve richer products for overnight use.  

When this first arrived with me I thought it was a facial spritz, but having looked into it a little more, it actually seems to be designed as a light body moisturiser.  I'd already been using it to refresh the face before I knew this, so let's say it's good for both!  What I'd really recommend is keeping this in the fridge, especially during this freak Indian summer situation we've had going on, as it feels extra wonderful on the skin when it's been chilled.  

The mist contains a blend of real roses and organic rosewater to provide hydration, alongside peppermint essential oil to add a fresh edge.  When spritzed this gives a fine and light-weight mist of moisture which feels refreshing and absorbs easily to give comforting hydration.  I really like the scent too - the peppermint ensures the rose fragrance is not overpowering.  

All of the Nectar De Roses products are available now at Melvita.com


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