21 Sept 2016

The Body Shop down to earth eye palettes - review and swatches

Well haven't The Body Shop upped their eyeshadow palette game with these beauties?  Would you have guessed the brand correctly if it weren't for the title?  I'm not sure that I would - there's something of a Bobbi Brown air to the styling of these palettes and the shade choices, and as the shadows pop out, they also remind me of a Bare Minerals palette which had a similar function.  Full marks Body Shop, these palettes have it all going on!

The collection is called Down To Earth, and there's a wide choice of shades and options.  There are four quads available in different colourways and also a big eight pan palette which has a mix of really wearable colours.  The palettes all feature generous sized pans and, fun fact, the pans pop out so you can swap them around and mix and match.  This is such a great practical element to me, as a lot of the eyeshadows I own and love come in some quite large and bulky palettes, so when it comes to travel or taking makeup around with me to get ready in the evening for a night out, my options are limited.  With these I could pop out shades from the eight palette and put them into one of the quads as well as being able to pick and choose colours from each palette that work together - such a nifty little bonus.  

Each palette also has a guide on the back of the box with suggestions of how to combine and wear the shades - very useful if you're nervous about experimenting or generally need some pointers on how to best use a particular shade.  The colours in each palette are, on the whole, really great quality and more strongly pigmented than I expected - other Body Shop eyeshadows I've tried in the past have had a more subtle colour pay off.  Also each palette comes as a sturdy compact with a large mirror, and the products are 100% vegan.

Okay swatch time and first we have the Smoky Grey palette - I don't often opt for grey on my eyes but this palette has really inspired me to get back into it.  Before I became such a neutral shadow addict I used to wear a smoky grey eye with a nude or dusky pink lip and this palette is perfect for recreating that look with with the two true grey shadows here.  The palest shade is a little too subtle for me, but the greys are excellent, and the silver-grey has just the right amount of shimmer without being OTT.

This palette is more my current comfort zone and I couldn't wait to dip into these colours when I opened up the lid.  This is a really versatile combination for me, and I can get both day and night looks from this palette.  I love the matte taupe shade for an every day wash of colour - just look how creamy that one is - but if I'm feeling a bit more creative I'd pop that in the crease with either one of the more shimmery shades on the lid.  And to smoke that up a bit for a stronger look, I'd just need some of the darkest brown shade smudged into the outer crease.  This is my eyeshadow heaven!

And lastly this is the Down To Earth Glow Palette which includes eight gorgeous neutral to smoky shades in matte and shimmer finishes.  Looking at the swatches alone on this one, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was one of the Urban Decay naked palettes due to the gorgeous line up of colours.  There's so much choice in this palette - I particularly like the two paler matte shades for combining with just about anything else as base, transition and crease colours, and also the more bronze shades in this one have been getting a lot of use from me as we move into autumn and crave those warm shades.  Just a side note on the wear time on these - I always use a primer because of my oily lids, so have used these with my HG primer which is the Nars smudgeproof eye primer, and they lasted all day long.  I'd always recommend using a primer under any shadows as it'll intensify the colour as well as extending the wear.

The Body Shop Down To Earth range is available now online and in store - the quads are priced at £15 each and the eight shade palette is £22.  

Which palette is your favourite?


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