28 Oct 2016

How to have a spooktacular Halloween at home! (and win a collection of horror dvds!)

So what do you do for Halloween?  I always feel like I want to do something fun, but when it comes down to it, I’m too old for trick or treating, not cool enough for Halloween raves and what not, and definitely too sensible and protective of my carpets to be hosting a Halloween house party!  I’ve already been on a fabulous Halloween scare night earlier this month (check out this post for details) so for actual Halloween, the perfect thing to do seems to be to stay in with some dead good horror films (heh heh) and some creepy snacks!

When it comes to horror films, I love both the terrifying, watch through your fingers, sleep with the lights on type of film just as much as the downright ridiculous, "I can see the strings!", so bad they’re funny kind of horror films.  But, it comes to a point where I’ve seen all the classics, and I’m not much of a one for re-runs, so this year I’m all about the latest horror movies to freak me out this year. 

Warner Brothers have sent me some of their best new horror movies to watch, so the selection I’ll be choosing from to keep me on the edge of my seat - or perhaps hiding behind it! - this Halloween are...

The Conjuring - this one's about a family who are being haunted by a dangerous presence, and the experts come in to try to exorcise the demon... is the type of movie that really terrifies me as it feels like it could really happen!

Annabelle - This one's actually a prequel to The Conjouring and how darn creepy is that doll?!

Friend Request - After accepting a friend request from a girl at college, the main character becomes cursed and all friends all begin dying one by one... sounds like it could fit my 'so bad it's good' category!

Oculus - the image on the front of the dvd is enough to encourage me to watch this one - creepy! It's about a woman whose brother is accused of murder, but she knows he didn't do it... something paranormal did!

The Ward - Imagine waking up alone and confused in a mental institution with no idea of how you got there, nobody to help you, and needing to find a way to escape in order to stay alive!  

The Gallows - I don't know a huge amount about this one, but the main plot seems to involve a high school recreating a play students performed years ago when an accident took place, and then the same 'accidents' seem to start happening again.  

You can pick up all of these movies from Amazon.co.uk and you can also win them over on my twitter!  Between now and 11.59pm Sunday I'm running a retweet to win competition to win all of these movies (UK only) so pop on over to my twitter and follow and retweet to be in with a chance!

Halloween’s also a perfect time for making themed snacks, treats and drinks, and you’d be surprised how easy it is to re-create some of this gruesome grub.  Pinterest is a dream for this kind of thing, so maybe take a look at my Halloween pinterest board, or try out some of my simple Halloween recipes – they're really easy and are the perfect snacks to fuel you up for taking on a horror movie marathon!

Lastly I can’t end a Halloween themed post without mentioning practical jokes… Now I’m not suggesting you dress up as a clown and go out on a chainsaw rampage, but… I do love to play a few tricks on people, especially my poor unsuspecting boyfriend.  I’m the type of person that’ll happily spend half an hour hiding in a cupboard just to get the perfect scare in and see the look on someone’s traumatised face!  I find his scare factor tends to double after watching a horror movie, so it’s the perfect time to pull a little prank… muahahahaha!

Whatever you’re up to, have a truly horrible Halloween!


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