9 Nov 2016

The cutest Pusheen Christmas gifts from Boots and Marks & Spencer

I feel I need to start with a little disclaimer about the number of times I'm likely to say "cute" in this blog post, because this collection of Pusheen Christmas goodies are just so adorable!  I've really fallen in love with Pusheen this year from the funny little twitter gifs to the facebook stickers and the Primark pyjamas, and now all of a sudden this Christmas we can get Pusheen on pretty much everything.  The shelves at Marks and Spencer and Boots are so much cuter this year with the addition of this friendly little cat, and I'm freaking out in the best possible way - give me all of the Pusheen!

Starting off with this super sweet bath and body set from Boots - you get a Pusheen wash bag filled with bath and body goodies including a body lotion, shower gel, bath fizzers, body puff and mirror.  I love that there's a different Pusheen on each, bringing to life some of my favourite Pusheen gifs.  Ahhhh so cute!

Pusheen Bath Fizzer Trio
Okay so what could be more awesome than Pusheen the cat dressed as a unicorn?  Absolutely nothing.  I feel like I never want to open this and will just keep it in the packaging to look at its amazingness.  If you're slightly less weird than me, you can open this up to find three good size bath bombs inside, and obviously they're super meow-gical.

Pusheen Cosmetic Bag
If like me you feel like you shouldn't fill your house with cute stuffed toy animals because you're an adult and have no children around to blame them on, then here's a tip....  Buy this makeup bag which is pretty much a soft and furry plush stuffed version of Pusheen, but totally get away with saying your bought it to put makeup in it.  Realistically I'll never put makeup in this for fear of getting it dirty! 

Pusheen Make Me Beautiful Travel Mini Set
I suppose I should point out that most of these Pusheen Christmas gifts are intended for kids - not that it puts me off wanting them of course!  Marks and Spencer have quite a range of Pusheen makeup which clearly is for kids, so I will hold myself back there, but I think this little travel mini set is pretty much universal for Pusheen fans of all ages.  You get a pink nail polish, a lip balm and a mirror, all with Pusheen on them of course, and packaged up in a little pouch which makes it a great stocking filler or table gift.

How have I never owned a Pusheen mug before?  My life suddenly feels much more complete due to having this, even though the actual mug is pretty tiny.  I like a large cup of tea, so personally I'll probably use this to put pens or makeup brushes in - any excuse to add Pusheen's friendly little face to my desk!  Pusheen is on the front and the back of the mug - face on one side and the back of his chubby little head on the other <3 p="">

Pusheen Nail Files 
Nail files can be such a boring essential purchase, so whenever I see some with a pretty design I always tend to add to basket immediately.  Buying this set of four large Pusheen nail files was a total no brainer for me - it had to be done.  If you want to add a little bit of Pusheen into your life without going quite as mad as me, I think you can safely incorporate these without looking like a crazy cat lady.

Pusheen Life Is Sweet Lip Balm Duo 
This is another set where I'll definitely be keeping the packaging - just look at that cheeky little Pusheen peeking over the top! These little lip balm tins will come in handy for keeping in my bag or desk drawer, and the little Pusheen drawings will make me smile every time I use them.  I've not tried these on my lips just yet (hoarder tendencies) but they smell wonderful.  

Another lip balm, and okay it's fair to say I didn't need this, but how could I pass this up?  It's a little 3D Pusheen that'll keep you company wherever you go, and in case anyone should question why you'd be carrying a mini Japanese cat around with you, you can show them that he's hiding some lip balm in his tummy.  Pusheen's got your back when it comes to chapped lips.  

I've saved one of my favourites for last - it's a Pusheen fragrance, and it's unicorn Pusheen!  I mentioned that most of these products are for kids, so I wasn't holding out much hope of being able to actually use this perfume (I imagined it'd smell like bubblegum or something equally appealing to a seven year old) but it's actually got a really nice fresh scent to it! The blurb suggests that this 40ml perfume will make you smell as sweet as a unicorn's heart - if you're not familiar, a unicorn's heart smells quite similar to pink flowers and fresh sweet apples.  This blog's nothing if not educational :) 

That's all the Pusheen I have for you today, but I'm still scouting out what else I can find for another blog post - so far I've spotted some notebooks and 2017 calendars, but I'm holding hope for some Pusheen slippers or at least socks in adult sizes!  If you're after more Pusheen bath and body gifts or children's Pusheen makeup, check out the rest of the Christmas ranges at Marks and Spencer and Boots.  

Are you adding any Pusheen goodies to your Christmas wish list?


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