29 Dec 2016

New Year's Eve hair / how I curl my hair with ghds

With Christmas over and New Year now becoming the focus, I'm sure lots of us are already thinking about how we're going to celebrate and what kind of party look we want to go for.  I'm not great at up-dos at all, but really enjoy putting curls and waves in my hair to give me a look that says I made an effort!  ghd kindly sent me their platinum copper luxe premium gift set and challenged me to create a festive look with added sparkle, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share my tips on how I use ghds to curl my hair.  

I've used ghds for ages and would never be without a pair, but there's something extra special about the new Copper Luxe Platinum Styler - it's rose gold!  I know everyone and their dog is into rose gold these days, but that doesn't put me off - I'll literally buy rose gold anything and everything, so owning rose gold ghds is a must!  As well as being beautiful to look at, the Platinum Styler has clever tri-zone technology to achieve 50% less hair breakage as well as increasing shine by 20%.  The Platinum Styler also comes gift boxed with a heat proof travel / storage bag and two limited edition Nails Inc polishes in copper shades, because you've got to coordinate your nails with your ghds, obvs!

I love curling my hair with ghds, it's quick and easy and the curls last really well.  I used to try all manner of wands and curlers on my hair - it took much longer and was extra fiddly, and I found the curls would drop so quickly.  My hair responds much better to curling with ghds because of the high heat, so it's the only way I curl my hair now.  Since I've had some balyage colour I much prefer wearing my hair wavy as it shows of the different shades better, and with ghds I can get my whole head done in about ten minutes flat!

So, super festive ghds at the ready, here's how I created my New Year's do.  After blowdrying my hair smooth until completely dry, I added some more heat protectant spray and brushed through.  Next I sectioned my hair into four - one top and one bottom section on each side of my head.  I then worked from the back of my head forward, using the ghds to create curls on one inch sections at a time.  If you've not tried curling your hair with a flat iron before, it's really easy and works on a similar basis to when you curl scissors with ribbon!  The curved edges of the ghds make curling even easier - all I do is take a section of hair, clamp it between the plates and then pull down through my hair whilst rotating it away from my face.  It creates a gorgeous, bouncy curl every time, and by angling the styler downwards, it gives me more of a loose wave effect which I love.  

The smaller the sections you take, the more defined your curls will be, so I find taking a thicker section looks softer and more modern.  How quickly you move the styler through the hair changes the curl you get too - the more slowly you pull through the hair, the longer the hair has in contact with the plate and the curler the result will be.  I tend to move through the hair quite quickly to get that loose, undone sort of curl.

Another tip I like is to put fewer curls into the bottom / underneath sections of my hair - by starting curling nearer the ends - so that I don't end up with too much volume near my face.  Then with the top sections I start the curl higher, just below ear level.  Oh and I always curl away from my face too.

Once all of my hair was curled, I brushed the waves out a bit to make them a little looser and more flattering, and then added a little ghd final shine spray to help tame any flyaways and add a glossy finish.  As it's the season of all things glitzy and glam I finished the look by adding this really pretty headband from Accessorize - I think it completes the look nicely.  I even wore some rose gold makeup because I was inspired by the beautiful Copper colour of the ghds!

If you're on instagram you may have seen that ghd have been running a competition throughout the festive season to win ghd Christmas gifts.  Winners are being picked every Saturday until 7 January, so there's still plenty of time to get involved.  To enter the competition all you need to do is follow @ghdhair and share a photo or video of your festive hair do complete with metallic accessories or embellishments using the hashtag #glitztheseason.  

I think I'm going to be snoozing partying at home this New Year's Eve, but I have a fun family day and dinner planned for New Year's Day, so I'll be rocking my embellished ghd waves for that.  Happy New Year!


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