2 Dec 2016

YSL Christmas party beauty at Debenhams #foundit

Not that I ever need an excuse to get glammed up with beautiful makeup, but if I did, then a Christmas party would be top of the ideal occasions list.  Once the calendar flips to December my thoughts instantly turn to glitter, gold, sequins, red and all things similarly festive to turn up that special Christmas feel.  Debenhams and YSL have kindly provided me with a perfect selection of products to get me festive party ready, so read on to see how I got on with them...

These are the gorgeous YSL products I had to play with, and here's the look I've gone for.  I'm not all that skilled in taking photos of makeup on my face unfortunately (clearly that autumn grey daylight was not good enough!) so please just trust me that this did look better and bolder in real life, but hopefully you still get the idea!  All I think I'd really need to add to this for a Christmas night out would probably be some glitter on the lids, and maybe some super sparkly jewellery to up the festive glamour.

So talking you through the products I used, I started off with the Touche Éclat blur primer, using a couple of pumps on top of prepped and moisturised skin.  It's a slippery feel primer, so glides over the skin really nicely to give that smooth base ready to receive makeup on top.  I've been wanting to try this one for a while, not just because it has amazing gold flecks in it, but also because it's really good for minimising pores, and works perfectly with the Touche Éclat foundation which I've already been using for a long time.  Just like the foundation, the primer smells super fresh and delicious - I still can't decide whether it's a cucumber or watermelon scent, but I love it.  Once primer and foundation were done I went in under the eyes to brighten with everyone's favourite secret weapon, the original Touche Éclat.  I remember using this when I was a lot younger and expecting it to be a concealer, but I think now that the true magic of this comes when you're a bit older and are looking to detract from those eye bag shadows!  It's a classic trick which really does work.

With foundation done then brows, I added just a little mattifying loose powder to my t-zone where I can get oily, and then went in for the fun part - contour and highlight.  I don't contour every day because I just wouldn't have the time, but it's a step I love to include for a night out - I find it gives me a lot more confidence in my look.  The YSL Couture Contouring sculpting palette has got to be the poshest contour palette I've ever tried - it comes in the luxe shiny gold compact with a mirrored lid, and has its own velvety pouch to keep it safe from scratches.  Mine is shade 02, and the contour colour in here is very safe and wearable, so even if you're not a master at contour and highlight yet, you can't really go wrong.  The darker shade gives just the right amount of shadow on my light medium skintone, and it doesn't lean too warm or orange at all, which I think is essential for contour. I dusted this under my cheekbones, down the sides of my nose and also added just a little around the perimeter of my face to give the illusion of a slimmer face.  The lighter shade is a soft off white cream which is pretty much matte, but if you look carefully it does also reflect the light.  This gives a much more natural effect that a shimmery highlighter, but still achieves the same aim of bringing forward the high points of the face.  I used the light shade down the centre of my forehead, bridge of my nose and along my cheekbones.

Rather than reach for an eyeshadow palette, I decided to use the contour shades on my eyes too, and I've been really into that contoured eye look lately and I think it really suits me.  I dusted the lighter shade all over the lid, and then went in with a fluffy brush and the dark shade in the crease and then blended, blended, blended!

After curling my rather feeble lashes, I went in with a few coats of the false lash effect YSL Luxurious Mascara.  I've used this mascara in the past and had forgotten just how good it is.  It's the sort of mascara that's really rather wet, so you can get a lot of product onto your lashes with hardly any effort, and it builds really quickly both in terms of length and volume.  Personally it doesn't give me a 'false lash effect' as my lashes are really quite fine and short, but it makes a huge difference!

Onto lips and I first prepped with the Top Secrets Lip Perfector which is like a super luxurious lip balm to create a perfect base.  I popped on a fairly generous amount whilst I was doing the rest of my face, and allowed it to sink in and nourish my lips.  When it came to time to put on lipstick, I patted off the excess with a tissue, just leaving a light layer left to keep my lips looking smooth and feeling hydrated.  Next i lined my lips with the Universal Lip Definer which is a clear lip liner.  I've heard of this tip before to prevent lipsticks from bleeding - of course you can do that with a coloured lip liner too, but with a clear one it can go with any colour lipstick - so clever!  I then topped it all with this gorgeous coral Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in shade 23.   I have a much treasured little collection of YSL Rouge Volupté lipsticks (they have the most gorgeous packaging of any lipstick ever by the way) but had never tried a Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick before now.  It's a really light feeling, comfortable formula and leaves a nice sheeny finish.  I'd never have thought about a coral lip for Christmas party season, and would probably have always reached for red, so I love that this is something really different.  

Makeup done it was time for a spritz of something sweet and seductive and I was spoiled for choice with the option of either YSL Black Opium eau de parfum  or YSL Mon Paris eau de parfum.

I'm already a fan of Black Opium and have been wearing it since last year as an autumn / winter fragrance.  It's a warm, musky vanilla-floral scent which also combines pink pepper and coffee to give an unusual and very distinctive twist to the fragrance.  Mon Paris however is one I've not tried before.  I instantly fell in love with the bottle as soon as I took it out of the box - it's so feminine and elegant - certainly one to have out on display in my bedroom.  The scent of this one really matches the style of the bottle - it's very delicate and feminine combining pear and red fruits with orchid, patchouli and musk.  I feel like it's a more grown up and perhaps evening appropriate version of some of the usual fruity floral scents I go for - I think it's the addition of musk that makes the difference.  

I always think 'get ready with me' style things only suit youtubers, but I really enjoyed doing this as a blog post, so maybe it'll be something I'll do again - just need to get some skills around taking photos of makeup looks!  All of the YSL beauty products and fragrances I've featured here are from Debenhams - they currently have their Beautiful Gifts Week running, so you can get up to 15% off beauty and fragrance just in time for Christmas!

What do you think of the finished look?  Have you tried any of these products?  


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