31 Jan 2017

Benefit They're Real Double The Lip - lipsticks with built in lip liner

Benefit have added a new line to the They're Real range, and to my surprise, it's not an eye product!  They're Real Double the Lip is a range of lipsticks with a built in lip liner, all cleverly shaped like a teardrop to make application super easy.

There are eight shades in the range, and each lipstick has two tones - a lipstick shade and a slightly darker, complimentary liner shade.  The bullet is shaped so that as you apply the lipstick, the lighter shade fills your lips and the darker shade outlines.  You hold the lipstick with the pointy end facing up for your top lip and then you spin it upside-down to do your bottom lip.  So clever, and much quicker and easier than using a separate lip liner.

The contrast between the liner and lipstick colour seems a lot less obvious once you're wearing the lipsticks - the edges of each colour blend nicely, and you're left with a defined lip line which subtly makes your lips look bigger without being obvious like the old fashioned dark liner and nude lip combo of the early nineties or whenever it was that that was last a thing!  Also the lipstick formula is creamy, comfortable and longwearing - I tried on all eight shades one right after the other and my lips felt fine afterwards - I always think that's the real test of comfort from a lipstick!

This one's called Nude Scandal and it has a soft nude lipstick shade together with a more brown liner shade - it's a perfect nude lip combo.  I'll stop teasing now, it's time for some lip swatches!

Don't they all look gorgeous?  And do you see what I mean about how the effect becomes more subtle and once you're wearing the lipsticks?  Nobody's going to know the secret to your extra full looking lips!  Nude Scandal is one of my favourite shades, but I also like the pinks and the berry shades too - they're all really wearable colours and so easy to apply.  Darker shades can often be really tricky as you need a precise application, but the tear drop shape of the bullet makes this so simple, even for deeper shades like Juicy Berry and Revved-Up Red..  The only one that's not really very me is Flame Game - I just can't pull off orangey shades - but I'm loving the others.  Pink Thrills is 100% going to be my go to Spring shade.  

The Benefit They're Real Double the Lip lipsticks have just launched and are available now at benefitcosmetics.com  

Which double the lip shade is your favourite?


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