8 Jan 2017

If I was a rich girl.... (na-nah na-nah na-nah na-nah na-nah nah)

It's such a reflective time of year right now what with people setting goals, making resolutions and embarking on new challenges such as losing weight, getting fit, saving for a holiday or starting a new hobby.  I'm a real sucker for getting all of those new year new start feelings too.  I've also been indulging myself in the odd daydream of how my life would change if I were a millionaire, maybe it's all that Christmas cheese I ate !  

The guys at Lottoland invited me to try out some of their games, and I've been bitten by the lottery bug!  It's a bit like when I was in Vegas, I was totally swept up in the excitement of the possibility of a big win!  

So what would I do if I hit the jackpot?  Sensible things first, I'd pay off my mortgage and depending on how much I'd won, I'd probably pay off a few other mortgages too for friends and family.  Most people would probably splash out on a fancy car too - I don't drive, but maybe it would prompt me to learn and in the meantime I could get a new car for Dan and he could drive me haha!  I don't feel like I'd want to move as I love my house, but I'd probably re-decorate and get lots of new furniture from all the places I can't usually afford to shop!  Of course I'd have a massive designer shopping spree and lastly I'd travel - perhaps while the house is being re-done - I'm sure that's how the rich people do it!  I'd love to go to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan and lots of far flung places I've never been to, and of course we'd be able to travel in style!

It's nice to dream isn't it?  Whenever I play a lottery game I always leave it a bit before checking my results, because in that time in between, I might be a millionaire and I just don't know it yet!  With Lottoland you can play the regular Euro Millions but also other lotteries like Irish Lottery and the US Powerball lottery where the prize money is insane and would even give Simon Cowell a run for his yacht! 

What would be the first thing you'd buy if you won big?  


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