10 Jan 2017

Winter knitwear wish list

Last weekend, when the weather was pretty chilly and I was about to get dressed to go out, I realised that I hardly own any jumpers!  I'm not really sure how this has happened, but over time I've just become more and more of a dress wearer, to the point where I hardly have much of a winter casj wardrobe at all.  Generally I don't think jumpers are the most flattering on me, certainly not if they're bulky and have no shape at all to them.  But, I decided to have a look around for some more interesting knitwear that might work well - generally longer styles with a bit of structure or a finer knit seem to be good options.  And somehow, unintentionally, all of my choices are either pink or grey!

I think I have a good mix of really casual and also slightly more pulled together knitwear going on here.  I love the grey funnel neck with fluted sleeves, but it does say it's cropped, so I don't know if it's going to work.  The pink one with layered sleeves from New Look is so lovely, but I think it breaks my rule on bulky jumpers unfortunately.  The wrap style grey jumper from Topshop might not be the warmest, but it has a great flattering shape to it.  I've ordered a few of these to try out, so hopefully something will work out and I'll no longer be the freezing idiot in a dress on the weekend!

Have you found any great knitwear this season?


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