7 Mar 2017

The Beauty Breakdown

Hey, I'm back with another beauty breakdown and this time it's a real mixed bag of new discoveries, some have been really good and are new favourites for me, while others have just been plain weird!

I'm a little bit obsessed with eye makeup brushes at the moment as I'm always trying to perfect my shadow technique, and I think using the right brushes is key.  I also like to have a lot of brushes to choose from when I'm doing my makeup, as clean brushes give the best results.  This set of 8 eye brushes is brilliant and gives me lots of choice when it comes to the size and shape of brush I need depending on whether I'm blending out a crease or layering on a shimmery shade.  I love the design in white and rose gold, and they're really great quality, soft brushes.  They're also vegan friendly and a bit of a bargain at £16.99 for the set.  

Also from Lily England I've been loving this detangling brush which is perfect for my very knotty hair.  This is really similar to a Tangle Teezer and does the same job whilst looking extra swish in this metallic pink shade.  It's so shiny that I had trouble staying out of the reflection when I was taking these photos!  It also comes in rose gold, and I'm a little bit jealous that I don't have that one!

Talking of needing clean brushes to get a good finish on my eyeshadow, this little guy has been allowing me to re-use my favourite brushes like never before.  I first saw one of these dry brush cleaning gadgets in a Wayne Goss video a year or more ago, and now they're being produced by lots of highstreet brands and have become a lot more accessible.  I picked up this one from W7 and I'm so impressed with it!  Now don't get me wrong, you are paying for a rough bit of sponge in a plastic pot, but it does the job so well!  It's not for cleaning anything other than powder from a brush, and it's not going to do a deep cleanse, but in terms of allowing you to switch from one colour to another and still use the same brush, this is amazing and I've been using it all the time.

I like having brighter, whiter teeth, but whitening my teeth can be painful and gives me a lot of sensitivity issues, so I have to space out my whitening sessions and sometimes can't face it at all!  I usually use the Crest Whitestrips from the US because I think they give the whitest results, but I don't love the side-effects!  Recently I've discovered the Starry Smile teeth whitening powder, which is a powder you use to brush your teeth - it's not going to give you gleaming white gnashers, but used once a week it gently removes stains and gives me a little fix in between my more extreme whitening sessions and keeps coffee stains under control.

These flat. oval style brushes started cropping up around the middle of last year I think, and I was really tempted to try the trend, but generally I have trouble getting on with foundation brushes, so I wasn't sure they would be for me.  My skin is very fussy when it comes to what kind of foundation I use and how I apply it - sometimes only a sponge will do, and other times I can get a great result with a flat top kabuki type brush.  I ordered a cheapy flat oval brush from eBay just to dip my toe into the water, and it was a disaster - my makeup sat terribly and you could see every brush-stroke!  Fast forward to Makeup Revolution bringing out their versions of these for contour and I decided it was time to give this style of brush another try!  I've not tried these for foundation, and that's not really what they're not, but I have used them for contour and they blend really well,  I've also used the smallest one for under eye concealer and I really liked the finish that gave me too.  Makeup Revolution also have these style brushes in an eye brush kit, so I think that may well be next on my list to buy - also they're rose gold, so obviously I need them all!

Onto another ebay disaster - you'd think I'd learn my lesson wouldn't you?!  Silicon sponges are one of the latest trends, and despite it looking like someone's using a bra insert to apply their makeup, I've seen some youtubers getting flawless looking results with these.  Although now I've learnt that video photoshop filters are a thing, you can never be too sure!  if you're wondering what I'm on about, you need to watch Wayne Goss' video asap!  Anyway back to the silicon sponge, I felt like I'd fallen for one big practical joke.  maybe it's because I bought an ebay cheapy, but I don't know, I felt like I was rubbing one of those gel wrist support mouse-mats onto my face, and although the 'sponge' doesn't waste any product by soaking it up, it also did nothing more than spread foundation around my face which then just sat on top of my skin looking a hot mess!  I had to give up and reach for a beauty blender to repair the damage, so I don't recommend trying one of these at all.  

Purelogicol is a brand that's new to me, and earlier this year they sent me a couple of products from their range to try out.  First off I tried the collagen peptide skin supplements which sound very fancy and are designed to decrease wrinkles, boost collagen, increase moisture and elasticity and, my favourite - decrease pore size!  All you have to do is take three capsules a night - I like products which require no effort from me at all!  I've only tried a one month supply, so I can't really comment on whether this can deliver on all of the claims, as they instructions do recommend a three month course to see results.  I certainly didn't spot any negatives or side-effects.  

I've also tried out the Cellular Renewal Face Wash which is a lather up with water kind of face wash.  It's not my favourite kind of cleanser to be honest, as I do prefer a cream or oil based cleanser generally, and find foaming face washes drying.  This one however doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight, just really clean.  Over time it aims to reduce fine lines and improve skin texture, so I'll be looking forward to maybe seeing an improvement in my skin from using this.  I've been using it after doing a first cleanse with a micellar water to remove eye makeup, as I don't think it's meant for tackling my panda eyes!  

That's all for now, probably time for me to get back on ebay and search out another bizarre fad to try!


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