31 May 2017

Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Cream Gel and High Hydration Mask for dehydrated skin

My skin is so up and down between seasons it's untrue.  Generally it's severely combination anyway, but I get these periods a few times a year when it just really rebels and pretty much rejects all of my usual trusty products.  My skin was having a tantrum just like this earlier in spring, and as luck would have it, I received two products from Gatineau's Aquamemory range to try, and they turned out to be just the thing to give my badly behaved skin a time-out.


25 May 2017

New spring nail polish shades from Smith & Cult

Smith & Cult win the prize for most beautifully packaged nail polishes in my book.  The wide, squat bottles complimented by the luxe, chunky gold lids with the signature 'battered' look are so unique and instantly recognisable.  I own a lot of nail polish, and these are the ones I like to have out front and centre taking pride of place.  There are three new shades out for spring, and I think you're going to have trouble choosing a favourite because they're all gorgeous! 

18 May 2017

The new Tili box from QVC

QVC have a new Tili box just out, and it's packed with some really fab brands that I've been wanting to try.  Tili stands for 'try it, love it' and it's QVC's beauty box concept.  The thing that really sets this apart from all other beauty boxes though, is that you don't have to subscribe and you can have a good old browse of what's going to be in the box before you buy!  It's also the best value of any beauty box I've ever seen and you get decent sized samples and sometimes even full sized products.  

12 May 2017

Five spring lip picks

I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been naturally gravitating towards some softer shares and lighter formulas since Spring has sprung.  Most days you wouldn’t know it because it’s been so cold ( I actually passed a woman wearing earmuffs the other day – true story) but the pretty pink blossom on the trees and the arrival of daffodils, tulips and what not have me assured that it is actually supposed to be spring.  I can’t bust out much in the way of a spring outfit due to the apparent threat of hyperthermia, but I can sure rock a spring appropriate lip!


8 May 2017

Tying Temple Spa for the first time

One of my friends is a Temple Spa devotee - I think she goes to a salon that uses Temple Spa products for their facials, and she has raved to me about one of the masks she's tried.  Obviously this set my expectations pretty high for my first try of some products from their massive range!  I've been lucky enough to get to road test some of the skincare and makeup over the last few weeks, and these are my thoughts on everything I tried.  Stay tuned for the a particularly flattering photo of me trying out the face mask called The Contourist! 


3 May 2017

Viktor & Rolf bonbon spring summer sparkling eau de toilette fragrance review

We all know I'm a massive sucker for pretty packaging, so I was obviously going to fall in love with Viktor & Rolf's latest pink, bow-shaped offering - Bonbon spring summer - but you have to agree that this really is a thing of beauty!

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