12 May 2017

Five spring lip picks

I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been naturally gravitating towards some softer shares and lighter formulas since Spring has sprung.  Most days you wouldn’t know it because it’s been so cold ( I actually passed a woman wearing earmuffs the other day – true story) but the pretty pink blossom on the trees and the arrival of daffodils, tulips and what not have me assured that it is actually supposed to be spring.  I can’t bust out much in the way of a spring outfit due to the apparent threat of hyperthermia, but I can sure rock a spring appropriate lip!

It may be a bit late to talk about a lipstick named Valentine, but Charlotte Tilbury’s recent addition to her Kissing lipstick range needs to applauded.  I really love the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick formulas – I have some of the Kissing and Hot Lips shades, and I don’t regret any of them, even though they are on the high end side when it comes to price.  Valentine is such an easy to wear, soft pink shade.  You don’t need to think about it, just throw it on and go.  Love it.

I’ve been eyeing up the Clarins Lip Oils for quite some time now, and I will admit that I was being a bit of a skinflint in not investing in one.  I loved the sound of them, promising this lush comfort and moisture to the lips, but they just seem so pricey for what is essentially a clear gloss.  Since biting the bullet and ordering the Candy Lip Oil from the latest selection, I take it all back.  I’d buy another in a heart-beat.  Yes on the lips it does just look like I’m wearing a transparent pink gloss - although there’s nothing wrong with that and I’m quite digging the look – but it’s how they make my lips feel that makes these so worth the investment.  The gloss is thick and comforting, not sticky but gloriously moisturising and hydrating, and it hangs around for a pretty long time considering.  When I have this on I feel almost like I’m wearing a lip mask, and let me tell you, this is the perfect thing to have with you on a super-dehyrdating plane journey.  So hands up, I was wrong about these!

I’ve also been trying out one of the Make Up Forever Artist Acrylip lip paints in the shade orange poppy.  It’s the brightest of my picks for this blog post, and really unusual for me because it’s orange!  I often go on about how I dislike orange, so when this arrived I was more than unsure, but the reason I think I like it is because it’s almost a neon peach.  It’s so different and bold on me, as obviously I’m usually all pinky nudes, but it’s great to have a change up sometimes.  It looks good with a simple look of bronzed skin, and simple eyes with black mascara and liner, so that the lips take centre stage.  It’s a super pigmented formula, so you only need a little bit for amazing coverage.  For me it’s a going out statement sort of lip, rather than an every day, not only because of the colour but also because it takes quite a bit of maintenance to stay looking good – it's a gloss, so it does transfer easily - I've got too used to wearing matte lip products and forgetting about them for the day!

I know I’ve mentioned these before, but I couldn’t resist another little ode to the Too Faced sweet peach lip oils and my favourite shade which is Peach Please – a pale pinky-peach.  They’re such lovely glosses with a really milky finish, and they contain coconut oil which makes them feel moisturising on the lips and not sticky.  There’s a cute little peach on the lid and the gloss smells of peaches too – what’s not to love?!

I bought this Maybelline colour drama intense lip paint on a bit of a whim when placing an online Boots order.  I got the shade ‘never bare’ because obviously I don’t own enough pinky-nude lip shades *massive eye roll*.  Turns out this was a real win as it’s a really pretty pink shade and I really like the formula – not too dry, not too matte, and relatively long-lasting.  It has a little sponge tip applicator in a squeezy tube, so it lends to no fuss application on the go, which I like.  The squeezy tube feels half empty when you first buy it, so that’s kind of annoying, but I guess that has something to do with making sure the product delivers through the applicator properly.  I really want to get some more of these, but I don’t think I like the other shades all that much and hope they bring out some more options.

What's your favourite spring lip product?


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