25 May 2017

New spring nail polish shades from Smith & Cult

Smith & Cult win the prize for most beautifully packaged nail polishes in my book.  The wide, squat bottles complimented by the luxe, chunky gold lids with the signature 'battered' look are so unique and instantly recognisable.  I own a lot of nail polish, and these are the ones I like to have out front and centre taking pride of place.  There are three new shades out for spring, and I think you're going to have trouble choosing a favourite because they're all gorgeous! 

Firstly, a more predictable spring shade perhaps, is 'exit the void' - it's what I'd describe as a bright cornflower blue, but Smith and Cult have a fancier description - a pop of perfect periwinkle.  It's such a wonderfully fresh, sunny sort of colour and it looks stunning enough by itself as a full manicure, but it also works beautifully with the other two shades in this collection.  

Next is a colour which is unlike anything else in my bulging collection - 'sugarette'.  It's a pearlised white that borders on a very pale silver - Smith & Cult say this one is a puff of white smoke, which makes it sound super mysterious!  It's not the sort of colour I would necessarily have considered, but I love how it looks on my nails.  I often wear a plain white polish in spring and summer, but this is so much more interesting.  Also despite being a white it has brilliant coverage in two coats.  

The third polish in the collection, and one that you could pair easily with the blue or white as a topper is 'glass souls' which is a beautiful silver glitter suspended in a clear polish.  You may have plenty of silver glitter polishes in your collection - I certainly do - but what I love about this one is just how much glitter is packed into the polish.  There's a mix of different sized glitter particles, and in just one coat your nail is covered in a beautiful sparkle that really catches the light and transforms your mani to something extra special.  I've tried so many glitter polishes where I have to use layer after layer to get the level of glitter coverage that comes so easily with this one - I'm thoroughly impressed.

Glass souls is a permanent addition to the range, but the other two are limited, so be quick if you want to grab them.  All of the shades are available now at beautybay.com

Have you tried Smith & Cult nail polishes?


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