3 May 2017

Viktor & Rolf bonbon spring summer sparkling eau de toilette fragrance review

We all know I'm a massive sucker for pretty packaging, so I was obviously going to fall in love with Viktor & Rolf's latest pink, bow-shaped offering - Bonbon spring summer - but you have to agree that this really is a thing of beauty!

I love the original bonbon and bonbon couture in their pretty, girly bottles, but the new version for spring and summer is a gorgeous upgrade with the soft matte fading pink across the delicate bow design glass.  It's certainly a perfume that you'd want to have out on display if you can.  Sadly I can't as my bedroom gets too much sun and until we sort out some new blinds, my poor perfumes have to be hidden away in a drawer to stop them from spoiling!

The new spring summer scent itself lives up my expectations too - as soon as I sprayed it I got a startling hit of refreshing, zesty grapefruit, which I think is perfect for a fragrance designed for this time of year.  The opening notes are fresh pink grapefruit, tangerine, orange and blackcurrant.  At the heart of the scent it's orange blossom, jasmine, icing sugar and peach.  And finally caramel, musk, guaiac wood and cedar add depth.

If you've found the original bonbon a little too sweet, this is a much lighter and fresher version - the sweetness is still there with the original caramel inclusion, but it's more subdued behind that fresh grapefruit and juicy fruit hit and it gives a really different twist.  Fruity florals are always my favourite type of fragrances, so this is a definite winner with me and I'll be wearing it loads this season.

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Spring Summer sparkling eau de toilette is available now priced at £58 for 50ml.  It was originally exclusive to Selfridges at the initial launch, but should now be available everywhere.  

Have you tried any of the Bonbon fragrances?


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