23 Jan 2018

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence and Flash Balm review

Now of course I know that product performance is what really matters, but forgive me for a minute while I swoon a little over how beautiful these latest additions to Pixi's rose skincare line really are.  Just look at the caviar essence - it's begging to be instagrammed.  I nearly wrote "could this BE any more instaram-able?" which tells me I've been binge-watching far too many episodes of Friends since Netflix got all the seasons back!

Previously I've used the Pixi rose oil blend which I really miss and need to re-purchase, and the rose water Makeup Fixing Mist which is one of my every day favourites in my routine, so I was expecting I'd rather enjoy these two new additions.

This is one of those products that almost slipped into my 'too pretty to use' category, but I'm glad I fought my hoarder tendencies on this one because this is a wonderfully hydrating serum that's been keeping my dehydrated skin happy without being too rich or oily.  The formula is really lightweight and it feels almost like water on the skin.  I've been using this on clean skin after cleansing and using my Glow Tonic.  It really calms my skin, especially the redness that I get in my cheeks and absorbs really quickly and easily.  I've then been adding a touch of a richer moisturiser for the driest areas of my face including under my eyes and around my nose and mouth.  I think this serum will be one that I'll really enjoy using in summer when some of my other moisturising products can become too heavy for me in the warmer weather when my skin reverts to being oily.

The rose flash balm is a gorgeous multi-use product for dull, tired skin and it's just what my skin needs at this time of the year.  You can use it as a moisturiser, directly under makeup as a primer, and also as a five minute mask to give the skin a pick me up and to add radiance.  The balm contains rose water which makes the product smell beautiful as well as being soothing and hydrating.  I love applying a little of this as a quick mask to perk my skin up, but I've also found it acts as a great primer under any of my more drying foundations.  My top tip with this is to apply foundation on top with a sponge rather than a brush as otherwise I've found I can disturb the priming layer.  Also I make sure not to use too much of the balm as a primer - a little goes a long way and it adds just the right amount of glow and slip to get a natural and more dewy finish.

The Pixi Rose Caviar Essence and Flash Balm are available now at Pixibeauty.co.uk and I also have my eye on the new rose cream cleanser and the rose version of glow tonic!


18 Jan 2018

Testing Embyolisse on dry and dehydrated combination skin

Embyolisse has until fairly recently been quite an elusive brand for me.  A good few years back now, maybe as many as five, I tried their cult Lait-crème concentré which is hailed as a makeup artist's secret weapon and sadly, I was thoroughly disappointed.  I had oily combination skin at the time, with the oily part being super oily, and I couldn't get this to work for me as a makeup base - it was far too rich for my skin and my makeup literally slid off!  Fast forward several years in the ageing process and whilst my skin is still combination, I suffer more with dryness than anything else and it's the ideal time to give some Embryolisse another go.  I knew I'd be onto  a winner trying Embyolisse moisturisers again as for a while now I've been in love with the Embryolisse BB cream, which never clings to my dry patches and goes on like a dream.  Embryolisse, we've had our ups and downs, I still can't pronounce your name correctly, but I think we're ready to be great friends!

15 Jan 2018

Protecting hair in winter with TIGI's Urban Anti-dotes Resurrection range

Stating the obvious of course, but oh my goodness it's been cold out there!  I always seem to plan ahead for protecting my skin during winter - switching up to heavier moisturisers, lip balms and all the products formulated for drier skin - but I can tend to forget about my hair.  I think we're all aware that sun can damage the hair, but did you know that cold weather can too?  
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