16 Feb 2018

Beauty favourites

I thought it'd be nice to get back into doing favourites posts this year, as there are so many products I love which I just don't end up sharing with you otherwise.  I'll stop if things get a bit samey month to month, but recently I'm really trying to shake up my stash a lot, rather than sticking with the same safe (boring) look every day, and maybe a few sneaky purchases have started creeping in too!  

I tend to flit a lot between FlowerBomb and BonBon from Viktor and Rolf, and January has been very much a BonBon month.  I think the sweet, fruity fragrance was just what I needed to perk up a dull January and to break me out of those post Christmas blues.  I love keeping this bottle out too - it's such a beauty!  

I have my eye on the new FlowerBomb Nectar for spring.  It's exclusive to Debenhams at the moment so I need to pop in for a sniff!

Glow Tonic is a long term love for me, and receiving this gigantic bottle with my name on (thank you Pixi!) is amazing - I'll never run out!  I've not actually opened my super-size glow tonic yet (it comes with a pump too which is perfect) as I have a smaller bottle and tub of the Glow tonic to go pads open at the moment, but I'm itching to tear into the big bottle as soon as they run out.  

I bought this palette before Christmas after a lot of deliberation.  It's beautiful, packed with gorgeous, wearable shades and it's Charlotte Tilbury, so of course I wanted it!  I held back because I own several of the quads and I couldn't justify needing it, plus £60 is the most I've ever paid for one eye palette, so it seemed a bit of an extravagant purchase!  I ended up ordering in a moment of madness when I was unwell and feeling sorry for myself, but I haven't regretted it.  The wearability of the shades, plus the little groupings that give you suggestions for how to combine the shades make this a palette that I now use a lot on a daily basis.  Mainly I've been sticking to the shades in the 'day' and 'desk' section of the palette but I've also worn the shimmers from the 'date' eye trio.  I don't think I've dipped into the slightly more intense 'disco' shades yet, but I'm working up to it!  The shadow textures are great on these so the colours are super easy to blend even if you're no expert like me.  This was a limited edition so I don't think you can buy it anymore, but I'd recommend the shadow quads just as much.

Now this is possibly the most high end of high-end mascaras I've tried - at £30 it's top of the shop level.  I wish I could tell you it's not worth the money and could recommend a £5 drugstore mascara that's better but I truly can't.  This is one of the best mascaras I've ever tried.  I have the shade Obsidian black and it's perfectly dark and glossy.  The mascara effortlessly gives me length and volume resulting in really bold lashes.  It doesn't clump, it doesn't flake, it doesn't give me panda eyes under the bottom lashes and it's not difficult to remove.  I'm not sure what kind of magic they've put into this tube but it's an amazing mascara.  I think I'll actually cry when this runs out.

I kept seeing these shower foams pop up on my instagram feed and I was totally taken in by the super cute packaging and scent names.  I wanted to try them all but ended up picking out three scents to try - cotton candy, coco cocktail and tasty doughnut.  They all smell delightful, although if you want a really strong scent, go for tasty doughnut as the others I tried are more subtle.  I bought these because they looked cute, but they're actually great in the shower too - I just can't leave them in there because my boyfriend steals them and thinks I don't notice when he's wandering around smelling like a tasty doughnut.

This is an old favourite I've gone back to recently and I don't know why I ever stopped using it.  Well, I do, it was to test out other products of course #bloggerproblems.  It's somewhere between an oil and a serum but it's really light and doesn't weigh my hair down.  It fights the frizz and makes my hair look sleeker and shinier without adding any greasy appearance.  I'll use this while drying my hair or as a finishing touch after straighteners.  It smells delicious too.  

I placed an order with Glossier towards the end of last year when everyone was hyping up it up no end.  I think I tried six products, and although most of them were a little underwhelming, I've found two that I really like and would repurchase.  

I bought the balm dot com in the birthday cake scent / shade because I was drawn in by the sparkly packaging and the thought of tasty cake scented lips.  It's a petroleum based lip balm with a thick consistency, and the subtle glitter in the birthday cake version is a fun addition.  It can also be used as a universal skin salve for dry areas like cuticles, but I've not tried that as I opted for the one with glitter.  

The Glossier Priming Moisturiser is the product I've used most since receiving my first Glossier order, and I'm already plotting a re-purchase of another and a back up.  It's odd because I've read a lot of reviews from people who don't like this at all, but on my temperamental combination skin it's been the perfect primer for winter.  I use it over the top of my moisturiser and before my foundation and it's been really good at helping beat the dryness that had been making my foundation settle oddly and patchy.  

Are any of these your favourites too?


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