12 Feb 2018

The perfect liquid lip formula - MatteLast Liquid Lips by Pixi Beauty

I love liquid lipsticks - the pigment, the staying power, the bold look and matte finish.  If the trend for sheer, sticky, shiny lipglosses is on its way back anytime soon then count me out, because I just won't be able to let go of my beloved liquid lipsticks!  The latest additions to my long list of liquid lip loves  are the MatteLast Liquid Lips from Pixi and all of the neutral and totally wearable shades are my absolute jam lately.

From the first time I picked up and tried Pastel Petal (a gorgeous pinky nude) I was sold on the formula of these.  The product has a thin liquid consistency which makes it so easy to apply, and they don't dry down too fast - you have plenty of time to perfect the coverage and outline.  Don't think that the slower dry down time means they don't have staying power though - once these babies do dry down, they're locked in place for hours, and they wear off subtly throughout the day too.  It may be due to the more forgiving nude shades, but they don't need a lot of touching up or attention to look perfect for hours, so it's easy to see why I've been reaching for this almost every day.

Comfort on the lips is key for me when it comes to a matte liquid lipstick, and I've had to stop using shades I've loved in the past because they were so drying they made my lips sore!  With the MatteLast Liquid lipsticks I don't find much of an issue at all - by the end of the day my lips can feel a little dry and I'll apply a balm to replenish, but compared to most liquid lipsticks these are super comfortable.  

All of the shades appeal to me as they're very neutral and easy to wear.  Matte Beige and Pastel Petal are the true nude shades, one a bit pinker than the other and those are my favourites, but I've also been really getting into wearing Evening Rose, which is a dark pink / rose type shade.  I'm not a red wearer very often, so something like this is the perfect alternative for me when I want to go a bit bolder or darker than my signature neutral look.

Lastly I want to give a little mention to the wand on these liquid lipsticks, because it really makes them work well.  It's a flat-ish tapered shape which doesn't get too overloaded with product, and the tapered shape allows you to get a really precise lip line with ease.  

 have really nailed it and have made some of the best matte liquid lipsticks I've tried.  I'm hoping to see lots more shades launch, although I'm sure the nudes will still be my favourites!

The Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lips are available now at pixibeauty.co.uk


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