9 Mar 2018

Trying the coverage and serum foundations from The Ordinary at QVC

I find it really annoying when a product is so hyped up that the brand just can't re-stock fast enough and I can't get my hands on it!  I'd pretty much given up checking for stock of the two foundations from The Ordinary when I heard that QVC were bringing out a four piece The Ordinary set including both foundations.  It didn't matter than I'd tried the other two products before - I just desperately wanted to try those foundations!

7 Mar 2018

Winter skincare heroes

Well this is a well timed post from me for a change!  I was already going to write about my winter skin favourites anyway, but oh my goodness what a way to put them to the test last week for #snowmageddon... Where I live on the border of South East London, we must have some kind of micro-climate of our own, because we didn't get much snow at all compared to most.  Even people only a mile or two away seemed to be getting snowed in.  Despite the lack of fluffy white inches where I live, we still had absolutely freezing temperatures to contend with, and spent the entire week moaning - natch.

2 Mar 2018

Silkskin silk pillowcase review and giveaway

I've heard in the past that sleeping on silk is really good for your skin and hair, but I thought maybe it was just one of those beauty "old wives tales".   When I was offered the opportunity to try out a silk pillowcase from Silkskin I was certainly keen to give it a try - if anything I thought it sounded pretty fancy and luxurious to sleep on silk!  
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