18 Apr 2018

Morgan Taylor Royal Temptations Spring 2018 nail colour swatches

There are so many things that get me excited for spring, not least of all the bursts of colour everywhere - bluer skies, so much green and that beautiful baby pink cherry blossom on the trees.   The colours of spring can't fail to bring a smile to my face and I love to inject some of those brights into my wardrobe, makeup and onto my nails at this time of year.  Morgan Taylor have launched a stunning collection of new shades for Spring called Royal Temptations and I've been happily working my way through all of the colours.  

These shades just look so pretty together, I ended up with a ridiculous amount of shots to choose form when I came to write this post!  The shades that most caught my eye to begin with were definitely the irresistibly minty green shade called Ruffle Those Feathers and the really poppin' peach shade which is named Beauty Marks The Spot.  

Curls & Pearls - (centre) this is my kind of nude for the sunnier months.  Not as harsh as white, but still bright, fresh and clean - it's a pale whisper of pink type nude shade.  I think colours like this look super sophisticated whilst still being a little more unique. 

Beauty Marks The Spot - peachy shades are a real go-to for me for spring, although I really dislike orange, so I'm fussy about the hue.  This creme shade is a hot peachy-coral - definitely not orange and I really love it.  This is the sort of colour that will look so good in summer with a tan, but until then it just brightens my day whenever I see it.

Over-The-Top Pop - a speciality top coat packed with unique metallic shapes suspended in clear polish with fine glitter.  Every swipe of this fabulous top coat is different!  I found various stars, circles, hearts and even lightening bolts! There's a variety of colours here and you could wear this one over any shade of polish, but I think it works best with the bright pink All My Heart Desires.  

All My Heart Desires - a true bright pink creme - very bold and cool toned it's a very pigmented and opaque shade perfect for spring and summer.  I usually opt for shades like this on my toes for holidays.

All The Queen's Bling - (left) sadly I have to have a least favourite and this is it.  I'm a fan of the lilac shade, but not so much of the pearlised finish on me, but that's just my personal preference.  Because of that finish this is a less opaque polish and if you don't like seeing a visible nail line, this one can need three coats for completely full coverage.  

My Other Wig Is A Tiara - a deep turquoise (described as a sea foam shade) metallic fit for royalty!  This gives such good coverage and applies really smoothly for a flawless, high shine finish. I liked this on the nails a lot more than I expected to.

Ruffle Those Feathers - this minty turquoise shade packs such a colour punch.  It's perfect for transitioning into warmer weather and brighter shades with a bang!  This shade has amazing coverage too and a perfect creme finish.  I'll be wearing this one a lot for sure.  

From left to right in the swatches these are Over-The-Top Pop layered over All My Heart Desires, Curls & Pearls, My Other Wig Is A Tiara, Beauty Marks The Spot, Ruffle Those Feathers, and All The Queen's Bling.

I've also been enjoying using these polishes with my favourite Seche Vite top coat for a super glossy finish and speedy drying time.  I've been using this for years, even back when you could only order it online from the US or from specialist stores.  Nothing else I've tried compares to the shine I get from this.  

A fresh bottle of Dadi' Oil has also been helping me get my nails spring ready - I use this nourishing oil around my nails and on my cuticles to keep dryness and flakey bits away.  It's also really good at helping to heal cuticles and skin around the nails - perfect if you occasionally do a bit of absent minded picking at your cuticles.  I really need to stop myself from doing this! 

The Morgan Taylor Royal Temptation collection for Spring 2018 is available now at Sally stores.  

Which shade is your favourite?


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